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13 Week Critical Cashflow Modeling in the New Normal

  • What you'll learn
  • What is a virtual classroom
  • After the webinar
  • What you'll learn
  • In the New Normal, CFO and finance teams play a crucial role in ensuring the organisation's continuity and sustainability. In the immediate term, cash flow reviews and survival action plan are critical must-do for the finance team. This is then closely followed by exploring relevant business opportunities in the midst of the crisis for future growth.

    This complimentary webinar will provide a demonstration of the key elements expected in a 13 Week Cashflow Model along with the application of modeling techniques to facilitate the creation of robust, dynamic and informative financial models.

    This will be suitable for finance professionals skilling up for astute cashflow modeling, business survival strategies and business finance modeling to ensure business continuity and sustainability.

  • What is a virtual classroom
  • Virtual Classroom training is a new and highly engaging way of delivering programs remotely with enhanced levels of interactivity compared to conventional webinars. In AMT’s Virtual Classroom participants are encouraged to activate their own webcams and mics throughout the class allowing for real-time engagement, both verbal and non-verbal, with fellow participants and their trainer. Participants can also share their screens to get instant assistance in any technical exercise; just like asking the trainer to walk over and help in the classroom! We have seen a step-change in participant engagement with this new technology. The trainer’s ability to see a selection of their participants’ faces in real-time, and to react to their verbal and non-verbal cues creates a remarkably realistic classroom-like experience. 

  • After the webinar
  • The attendees are given access to Delta which is AMT’s Learning Management System, to get a copy of the Cashflow model that Justin shows in the webinar, as well as access to other free resources we specially provide to CFOs to help them prepare better.

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      • Pre-requisites

        This course is open to all. To maximize the benefit of this course we recommend an understanding of Microsoft Excel.

      • Technical Requirements

        You will need an Internet connected device to access the videos and download supporting resources. Supporting resources can be used offline, which require Microsoft Excel 2003 or later and a PDF reader.

      • Comprehensive Resources

        Bite-size trainer led HD videos detailing step by step techniques and best practices. Download the slides and files as used in the videos, which can be completed while watching or saved for later. Open forum for quick problem solving.

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