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Bond Markets

  • Description
  • Learning objectives
  • Key topics
  • Description
  • During this module, you will learn about the key bond market players and products, how to price bonds, how to calculate yields, how to measure bond price risk using modified duration and convexity, how to interpret yield curve moves, the calculations behind bond carry and roll and how to interpret the profit and loss on bond trades.

    3.5 hours of video content. 

    Estimated 7 hours to complete.

  • Learning objectives
    • Identify the key players and products in the bond markets
    • Price bonds
    • Calculate yields
    • Calculate modified duration
    • Calculate PV01
    • Calculate DV01
    • Identify yield curve moves
    • Calculate bond carry and roll
    • Calculate the profit and loss for bond trades
  • Key topics
    • Bond market issuers
    • Bond market investors
    • Bond market buyers/sellers
    • Bond market products
    • Basic bond pricing
    • Bond yields
    • Duration, DV01 and convexity
    • Yield curves and curve trades
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    • Pre-requisites

      This course is open to all. To maximize the benefit of this course we recommend an understanding of Microsoft Excel.

    • Technical Requirements

      You will need an Internet connected device to access the videos and download supporting resources. Supporting resources can be used offline, which require Microsoft Excel 2003 or later and a PDF reader.

    • Comprehensive Resources

      Bite-size trainer led HD videos detailing step by step techniques and best practices. Download the slides and files as used in the videos, which can be completed while watching or saved for later. Open forum for quick problem solving.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I access the eLearning content?

    Once you have purchased our eLearning course, you will receive an order confirmation to access your course. You can also access using the 'My Courses' tab.

    What are the tech requirements?

    You can access your course either on desktop, tablet or mobile.

    You will also need access to a PDF reader in order to download and read the course notes.

    You will need a spreadsheet application to complete the practical exercises.

    How long will I have access?

    You will have access for 12 months from date of purchase

    Will I receive a certificate?

    Absolutely! All our eLearning comes with a digital certificate that can be added to your social media profiles, including LinkedIn!

    Can I learn through the AMT App?

    Yes! Complimentary app access is granted through your eLearning course.

    I have questions about the content

    Feel free to drop us an email at with any questions you have and we will have one of our experts respond

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