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Crunch the Numbers

Crunch The Numbers - Accounting Fundamentals

  • Description
  • What does the book include?
  • Description
  • A lightweight A5-sized hardcopy book, describing the fundamentals of accounting, working examples and practical application. This book has 72 pages. We do not charge tax on this product.

  • What does the book include?
  • Introduction

    • The business cycle                                              
    • The income statement/profit and loss account
    • The balance sheet
    • The cash flow statement
    • So how does it all work then?
    • The income statement/profit and loss account

    Revenues and Costs

    • Sales/revenues
    • Costs/expenses
    • But where do these costs appear?
    • Key indicators of profitability
    • Working capital

    What is Working Capital?

    • Key accounting links
    • Key performance indicator
    • Non-current asset

    What are Non-Current Asset?

    • Why are they important?
    • Key accounting links
    • What about asset sales?
    • Key performance indicators
    • Debt and equity

    The Sources of Funding

    • Debt Equity
    • Cash flow statement

    Organizing the Cash Flows

    • Practical problems
    • The steps
    • Other cash flow presentations
    • Ratio analysis

    Liquidity and Solvency

    • Efficiency ratios
    • Profitability ratios
    • Return ratios

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