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Crunch the Numbers

Crunch The Numbers - Advanced Accounting Training

  • Description
  • What does the book include?
  • Description
  • A lightweight A5-sized hardcopy book, describing the fundamentals of accounting, working examples and practical application. This book has 72 pages. We do not charge tax on this product.

  • What does the book include?
  • Consolidation and Non-Controlling Interests

    • What is a group?
    • Consolidated or group accounts
    • Noncontrolling shareholders
    • Some more detailed issues

    Equity Method Investments

    • What is an equity method investment or associate?
    • Equity method accounting


    • Taxes
    • GAAP numbers versus tax numbers?
    • Deferred taxes assets and liabilities
    • Tax losses
    • Taxes and deals

    Earnings Per Share

    • Two types of earnings per share
    • Basic earnings per share
    • Diluted earnings per share

    Complex Debt

    • Discounted bonds and PIK notes
    • Convertible debt
    • Leases
    • Summary
    • Making apples into oranges


    • Introduction
    • How plans are funded!
    • Defined contribution (money purchase) plans
    • Defined benefit (final salary) plans
    • The PBO calculation!
    • The plan assets calculation!
    • So how does accounting for all this work?

    Stock Awards Accounting

    • Introduction
    • The fundamental logic behind the accounting
    • Some jargon to start off
    • How stock award expensing actually works!
    • Dealing with the tax impact in the financials
    • US GAAP
    • IFRS

    Financial Instruments

    • Introduction
    • Fair value through the income statement (FV)
    • Available-for-sale (AFS)
    • Amortized cost accounting

    Hedge Accounting

    • Introduction
    • Hedging rules
    • Fair value hedge
    • Cash flow hedge
    • Net investment hedge

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