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Crunch the Numbers

Crunch The Numbers - Power Modeling

  • Description
  • What does the book include?
  • Description
  • Power Modeling goes into depth about financial modeling and using Excel at an advanced level. This book has 88 pages. We do not charge tax on this product.

  • What does the book include?
  • Modeling with Styles

    • Introduction
    • Defining a style
    • Applying a style
    • Editing an existing style
    • Deleting an existing style
    • Making styles available in different Excel files
    • Styles for financial modeling purposes
    • Custom number formats

    Circularities Under Control

    • Introduction
    • What is a circular reference?
    • Preventing unintentional circular references
    • Intentional circular references

    Super Flexible Output Tables

    • Introduction
    • Lookup functions

    Grand Scenarios

    • Introduction
    • Switch functions
    • Controls
    • Dynamic headings and footnotes

    Sensitizing your Work

    • Introduction
    • Data tables

    Protecting your Work

    • Introduction
    • Hiding formulas
    • Protecting cells and ranges
    • Protecting the workbook structure
    • Preventing changes from being saved
    • Preventing access to a workbook

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