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Excel Power Modeling

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  • Excel Power Modeling

    This program covers a range of tools and techniques in Excel designed to improve effectiveness and efficiency. The program covers building scenarios into models using a variety of functions, along with adding in on sheet controls, sensitivity analyses and flexible output tables. The topics in this menu can be chosen according to delegates’ needs.

    Learning outcomes

    • Modeling with speed and style
      • Setting up toolbars so that Excel can be used as efficiently as possible
      • Setting up formatting styles
      • Custom number formats
    • Keeping circularities under control
      • Working with intentional circular references
      • Debugging a model with non-intentional circular references
      • Avoiding intentional circular references with a circular reference macro
    • Flexible output tables
      • Use functions to extract information from a model
      • VLOOKUP
      • HLOOKUP
      • OFFSET
      • INDEX
      • MATCH
      • Data validation
      • INDIRECT
    •  Scenarios
      • Building scenarios into the model
      • CHOOSE
      • OFFSET
      • INDEX
      • MATCH
      • On sheet controls
      • Conditional Formatting
    • Working with text and dates
      • Creating dynamic headings and footnotes in the model
      • Working with dates
      • Concatenation
      • TEXT function
      • UPPER, LOWER, PROPER functions
      • TRIM and CLEAN functions
      • RIGHT, LEFT & MID functions
      • DATE, DAY, MONTH, YEAR functions
    • Sensitivity analysis
      • Run sensitivities on model outputs
      • One-input data tables
      • Two-input data tables
      • Three-input data tables
      • Data table secrets
    •  Lists
      • Creating lists
      • Sorting
      • Basic and advanced filtering
      • SUMIF and COUNTIF
      • Calculate with advanced criteria with database functions
      • Pivot tables
    • Other functionality
      • Printing with views
      • Print macro
      • Print macro with a form for easy print selection
      • User defined functions
      • Beauty save macro
      • Protecting your work
      • Charts
      • Arrays
      • Range names
      • Shortcuts
  • Prerequisites
  • There are no prerequisites for this course

          • Venues
          • London: Tenter House, 45 Moorfields, London EC2Y 9AE

            Frankfurt: Mercure Hotel Frankfurt Eschborn Helfmann Park, Helfmann Park 1, 65760 Eschborn, Germany

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            Who should attend?

            New hires who have joined the firm late and missed the in-house program

            Individuals looking to fill a knowledge gap

            Experienced bankers looking to refresh their technical skills

            Teams employed in financial strategy roles from non-banking corporations

            Graduates preparing to interview for a role in the finance sector

            Students at business school and looking for a career in finance

            What to use

            You need to use a Windows-based laptop for the training with Excel and Adobe installed on your system to access your course files. Our teaching materials are designed for PCs and not MAC based systems. Download details for the necessary files will be emailed a few days before the course. You can use any version of MS Excel in class. Please inform us of your Excel version when booking your course.

            Ask our trainers

            If you have any questions about the course content, you can email our experienced trainers for any further questions

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